Thursday, December 14, 2006

Could Woody Have Outted The Cowboy's Snitch?

Today on Around The Horn, Denver Post columnist WoodyPaige all but said flat out that the person leaking all the Terrell Owens drama is none other then another fellow receiver who is doing it out of jealousy. Now, because the geniuses at the World Wide Leader didn't want the oft buffoonish Woody Paige to reveal what could be one helluva source his deep throat was bleeped out and thus one can only assume who he was talking about.

But were not that dumb. Breaking down what Woody said, (combined with a somewhat uncanny gift for reading lips ) we have concluded that person whom Woody had to be talking about was none other then Big Tuna's favorite Kinda Gal Now, because we can't confirm the person to whom he alleged we won't reveal his name , but going inside Woody rant, this person is
a jealous receiver who is upset that TO is approaching 1000 yards and getting media publicity

Well, lets see, it, cant be Crayton, he barely touches the field. It cant be Whitten, because ever since Romo was inserted into the lineup, his productivity has increased. I won't even entertain a Sam Hurd or Miles Austin argument. So it really only leaves 2 other people , Fasano, the rookie tight end, and Terry Glenn...This is a developing story..


At 7:22 PM , Anonymous ND Fan said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that there's no way in hell it was Fas. Dude's a team player, he wouldn't be bitching. Besides, he's a rookie. There's no way a rookie, even a talented one like Fas is going to be snitching on T.O.

At 7:15 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

well i wanted to make sure every body was considered a suspect..


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