Saturday, November 11, 2006

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. In order for the Giants to beat the Bears Its going to take a
huge day from Plaxico Burress. The same Plaxico That said the
cornerbacks for the bears are "VERY Beatable"

9. Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Steve McNair will play Sunday's
game like its the Superbowl. Nothing says we love you like
barring the franchise quarterback from the training facilities,
trading him, then going out and drafting his mentee.

8. For all my Fantasy Football Guys, Do not start Randy Moss.
Theres a great chance Champ Bailey will be covering him, and
Champ is playing some of the best football out there.

7. If there were an upset on Sunday, I'd put good money on it coming
from Arizona Beating Dallas. Dennis Green is 16-2 coming off of the
bye week.

6. No Lights Out in Cincinnati equals win for the Bengals. I suspect
Rudi Johnson will have a huge game this Sunday without Shawn Merriman
in the Chargers Lineup

5. The Texans are still gonna lose, you just wander how long until Sage
is put in.

4. Mike Shannahan still enjoys sticking it to the Raiders. Id pick them
to win huge. Shanahans Broncos have won 6 of the last 7 meetings.

3. For all my Reggie Bush fans, don't expect huge numbers against the
Steelers . They rank Ninth overall against the rush and past.

2. If the Dolphins lose against the Chiefs, Lemon will be your new
flavor of the month in Miami

1. The Most difficult game of the year to predict will be 49ers v. Lions.
This could be a preview for the NFL Draft. Look for both teams that are ranked
near the bottom of the NFL to rack up big numbers.


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