Monday, November 13, 2006


Thanks to teams like Kansas State, Arizona, Georgia, and Rutgers, The BCS finally got what it wanted. Pure Vanilla teams left in the national Championship picture. Notre Dame and USC pole vaulted Texas, Florida, Auburn and Cal to make them legitimate contenders for the National Championship. With that said, Realpeeplz is now officially backing Rutgers Football. Its time the little guy’s got there voice heard( not to mention, they are undefeated.) Lets go Scarlet Knight. As far as the here and now, all eyes will be more then likely focused on the Michigan v. Ohio St. game this weekend. The guys over at the World Wide leader waisted no time hyping the game up.Countdown to Columbus
Here’s my opinion on the game, as long as Michigan has Lamar Woodley, and he brings the heat to Troy Smith early and often, Michigan wins.

The Current BCS Standings are as follows:
1. Ohio St. 976
2. Michigan 983
3. USC 869
4. Florida 849
5. Notre Dame 819
6. Rutgers 786
7. Arkansas 756
8. UWV 657
9. Wisconsin 642
10. Louisville 640


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