Monday, November 13, 2006

Housewives Recap

We at Realpeeplz will always take time away from sports to recap our
favorite tv. shows.(Desperate Housewives, LOST, ANTM, Grey's Anatomy etc.)
Last night saw Eva Longorria's character Gabrielle try to get
back into modelling only to be given the reality check that she's no longer
in the top spot. Instead of getting a job as a mischevious young girl, she
gets casted as a mom and goes directly into diva mode, but that ended up being
a lost cause. Meanwhile, Lynette is recovering from her gunshot wound and coping
with her sons PTSD. She enlists the help of the newest neighbor Arthur.
All goes well until Lynette makes it down to his basement to discover his secret
photo collection. Brie meets with her mother-in-law which her husband has a real problem with .(evidently theres a secret between mom and son that keeps him at bay)
Finally, Susan is in the middle of an up hill struggle with daughter Julie over her current love interest Austin. She calls her ex-husband over for support, and he's to busy being focused on her relation ship with Ian.


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