Friday, January 05, 2007

Black Girl Killed in LA did you notice?

Last week Charlene Lovett Lost her 14yr old daughter Cheryl Green to what appears to be an apparent act of Gang Violence in an area that blacks are currently being victimized by Hispanic's in Los Angeles's Harbor Gateway Community. Now nationally you might of missed it. I know I have, part of me is still trying to cope with the Sean Bell incident, but, well known blogger and columnist La Shawn Barber didnt. (HER LINK WAS RECENTLY ADDED).
The following is an excerpt from her blog and I ask that when you read it, ask yourself if youve ever thought about the point she's eluding to.

The following is an excerpt from her blog:

Where are the “African American” summits and protests and loud calls for an
end to the violence? As I wrote yesterday in “Selective
Outrage Over Black Crime Victims
,” such protesting and shouting is not
profitable or satisfying. Rage against perceived slights by whites commands a
lot more time and energy in the black community.

For instance, who could ever forget (or be allowed to forget) when comedian Michael
Richards called a couple of black men niggers during his routine
? Press
conferences, and demands for money
and self-flagellation were daily fare. But hispanics killing blacks, and for the
dumbest shi*, barely registers on the outrage scale.
It certainly didn’t help
matters that Richards groveled and prostrated himself before a sleazy and
unworthy caricature of a man like Jesse Jackson. The whole lot of them are
idiots, including anyone who thinks being called a nigger by a white man during
a comedy routine is worse than being killed by a freaking hispanic gang thug
because you wandered into his “turf.”

Ah, but the difference is that Richards has money; hispanic ignorant gang
thugs don’t. As a white liberal type, Richards carries the guilt of phantom
racism. Hispanic gang members couldn’t give a rat’s a** about your slave of a
great-great-great-great grandfather, and neither do you. It’s all about profit
and penance.

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