Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness RP Review

Ok the reviews a little late (I saw this movie on Tuesday) but nevertheless heres my take on Will Smith and the Pursuit of Happyness
*Warning Spoilers*
Will Smith stars a Chris Gardner a Bone Density Scanner salesman in San Fransisco that is trying to povide a better life for his family in the recession known as the Regan Era in the early 80's. Chris finally catches a break when he hops a cab with a Dean Witter senior level executive and solves his rubic's cube while trying to explain to him why he would be a perfect candidate for a job. To bad solving that cube didnt fix Chirs other mounting problems. To start, his bone scanners are overpriced, and do the same job as a much cheaper gov't issued product. His wife Linda (played by Thandie Newton) has little patience when Chris gets his opportunity to become an unpaid intern at Dean Whitter and decides she's taking a job with her Brother-in-law in NY.
Behind in rent, Chris and son are forced to move from hotel, to bathroom, and to homeless shelter. The rigors of an internship (unpaid) along with raising a child with little to know money are hard on Chris, but he draws strength from his son, and a never say die mentality that wills him through what are some of the toughest life challenges imaginable.
On Will
Will's performance is Oscar worthy. He shows you a human side you never seen in him before. This character will humble you b/c of the hardships he and his son (played by Jaden Smith) face, and the life they had to lead while living on the streets. Will's made it easy to connect with this character. The mega star presence that he has created is so down to earth that you find yourself lost in the movie and rooting for his success. When you walk out of the theater , at some point it might even make you evaluate the little things you take for granted in everyday life. As for Jaden Smith (Will's son) the connection him and dad had was solid. Giving that hey are father and son in real life i'm sure this is the reson why, but whatever the case they make you believe they are father and son and not just actors.
RP rating 4 stars out of 5 . Wifey made a point: Thandie's character should have put up more of a fight for her son b/c of Chris's employment status. Will brought the character to life and I know if watched you will be thoroughly amused at his performance.


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