Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tyrese, If this is True, Your Career is Over (Update)

***UPDATE*** New evidence is being reported that he allegedly hit his girlfriend in the arm and leg and not in the stomach as it was reported previously on TMZ. Im still holding out hope against hope that none of this happened...RP

Tyrese Update

TMZ.COM is reporting that singer songwriter Tyrese aka (Black-TY) allegedly was arrested for punching his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. If this is true, you can pretty much guarantee that his career is over. I know ladies, he’s packin’ 6 , and he looks like that, but punching your pregnant wife in the stomach twice no less, is a new low. For now we can only hope that this is just an allegation. T, always remember Baby Boy was just a movie, in real life, Jody wouldve gotten his ass kicked for hitting his baby mom's....RP

Tyrese Allegation


At 2:57 PM , Blogger P said...

Tyrese is from Watts. Not that Watts is a predicator of how someone turns out.

(before I get hate mail I used to live around the corner from Watts, okay).

Bottomline, what I meant was the mentality, mindset, and other variables that keep someone mentally fractured. After all, what kind of mind would risk their freedom, reputation, and life of their own flesh and blood over some foolishness?

I would bet the farm that alcohol is involved.

At 3:44 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

R. Kelly had sex with little girls. Lil' Wayne kissed a grown man. James Brown beat the hell out of women. I think Tyrese will be ok.

At 4:21 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


The R-Kelly part was based on him saying he didnt know the age of the girls in question(and watchin the vid..i can see reason in it,(had you hit me with MJ ida been speechless) and James Brown beat women an in era where celeb status and hype was no where near what is now////

I got no defense for Lil wayne...(you got me there)

i can only hope that these are just "allegations" and when and if tyrese makes a statement these charges are false...Trust me, being a former bartender, i can tell you that alcohol gets far to much credit for the actions people do. from Houston (specifically Acres Homes/Garden City area ) hood or no hood its wrong..if its ture


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