Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Year of No Excuses

Ive began labeling alot more lately, so I thought to myself what better way to inform my peepz of my new found hobby then to label the New Year. I call 2007 "the Year of No Excuses"

Heres Why:

As a Sports Fan I dont want to hear any excuses as to why my teams are doing that good. Specifically the Texans. Its been 5 yrs and this guy is still a bum. Cut Bait. are lose a fan.

As an African American, I don't want to here any more excuses as to why you fail to vote. How much Bush can you take before you realize its never going to change unless you make the change. How many more reminders are needed?

As A music fan. No more excuses as to why Hip Hop is Dead.. 11 1/2 months is far to long to wait for a CD worth buying. Shout out to Nas by the way for bringing it home in the clutch ..

2006 I gave alot of cats breaks mainly because 2 to 3 years prior to quote Jay-z "They had a spark when they first started , but now their just garbage." Heres my guys who may be cutoff next year if there current acts continue.

1. Flavor Flav= You can stack a TV show with all the big-bootied hoochiefied sithah's all you want, and many will watch, but if you cant send at least one positive message with your vehicle for entertainment, I for one, am turning your menstral show off..

2. Terrell Owens. To many times in the past i've allowed you to take my better judgement. YOU DROP ANOTHER PASS, and blame anybody else other then yourself, and youre cutoff. YOU GET THE BALL AND YOU GET IT OFTEN ...

3. Tracy McGrady....As a Rocket/McGrady Fan this hurts the most. You and that back are really starting to get ti me. I want to be civil, but Yao's hurt and we need you to step up.

4th. Fox News Channel. I watch you knowing that you are the most conservative channel on TV, but in the back of my mind I tell myself, theres always another side im missing. Well, FNC, either you get some real Liberals and not the ones you dig up to be assassinated by O'Reilly and Hannity, or you just lost anther viewer.

5th. BET Every time I look up 106 and Park has a new host. You still never told me Why AJ and Free had to go ??? If you push Comic View any later into the night, Ima have to TIVO it , and that show has proven it can stand the test of time.

Hopefully 2007 can get many of you the same answers I request. Its a new year , lets bring in some new hope..Rp


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