Friday, December 22, 2006

10 Things to Ponder before NFL Sunday

10. Its gut check time in Denver. Cincinnati is coming off a huge MNF loss to the Colts, and Jake needs this if Denver has any chance of making the playoffs. The team that loses this game will not make the playoffs

9. While im on the gut check issue the Seahawks cannot afford to lose to the Chargers . The 49'ers have the Cardinals at home, so the pressure's on. I predict the NFC west will not be settled this week

8. TO loves sticking it to Jeff Garcia, but how funny would it be if not only Donovan, but Jeff, beat him twice in a year , and with the same team? I guess we'll never know, because TO and the boys should win this game.

7. Giant fan, when the saints come marching in, they'll be walking out with your playoff hopes.

6. I heard a funny rumor i just had to pass. Evidently the Lions fans are planning a walkout to show there disgust of Matt Millen. Its to bad though, I actually think they could make this game competitive. Rex is gonna keep this one close and the Griese fans will come out. With that said, I hope this works for you Lions fan, my team needs to take notes.

5. Fantasy Guys...Start I guess for some of you its championship time, Go with your guts, and start any Colts or Chiefs you have on your roster.

4. Jets people, its simple win and youre gonna be in. lose, and you biting nails until next week.

3. Probably the best game no ones talking about is Bills Titans. Both of these teams have outside shots to get in, and if im anybody in the AFC, I do not want to see the Titans.

2. Ron Mexico just needs to play it simple. He does that, the Falcons should role. Tough break Carolina fan.

1. Im actually picking Jacksonville to beat the Pats. Its simple, there at home, and once again, its another gut check game.


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