Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So You want to Party Huh? Not with THAT Tiara on you Wont! (Update Below)

Apparently one of the categories for MISS USA 2006 wasn't best Paris Hilton Impersonation. If it were there's no doubt current owner of the tiara Tara Conner wouldn't be facing the scrutiny shes receiving now. Tara (our current winner from Kentucky) had traces of Cocaine in her bloodstream as well as alcohol and is now awaiting her fate from our favorite CEO Donald Trump. In all likelihood she's going to be stripped of the crown, but it goes without saying that when you are representing this country in the Miss World and Miss Universe Pageants, the last thing people want is there representative dancing on top of tables with the current Miss Teen USA taking body shots and snorting cocaine in the lady's room.

Real Talk.

Though I am all in favor for freedom of expression, I believe once you sign that contract you get the responsibility that goes with it. You represent the USA. We need the person wearing this crown to show elegance grace and class. Not get drunk, stupid and bare ass.This is the same Donald Trump who dismissed Vanessa Williams because of a playboy spread, and fired a Miss Universe because of weight gain. If we were giving the crown of Miss USA to a party girl , don't you think Paris, Lindsay or Britney would've competed. Tara, its a prize they can never take from you because you did win it, but loosing it, will last forever. RP..

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Evidently Tara has been given a second chance. Consider yourself pretty lucky. To bad Vanessa and Oxana got hosed..RP

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At 12:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder who's bed she's left her shoes under. It's not who you know anymore,it's who's ...... you've been kissing.

At 1:32 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

you aint kidding..kinda upset she didnt get dethroned tamiko nash couldve done good things..



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