Friday, December 15, 2006

I Actually Believe Marcus Vick

OK, so today as I'm driving in its being reported that an unidentified17 yr old girl going by Jane Doe (JD) is filling a lawsuit against Marcus Vick, (or Lil Mexico) seeking damages of upwards to 6.3 million dollars. Jane is claiming that he Sexually Battered her and caused her Emotional and Psychological Trauma.

The lawsuit states that for the better part of 2yrs Lil Mex had sex with the honor student, and offered her weed and alcohol while trying to convince her to get trained on by his buddies. It also states that she was misled into believing that she was going to bare his child and that he loved her. Her grandmother is also named as a plaintiff in the case.

*Warning, I Plan on Breaking this Down Below. If the truth Scares, you Please read my 10 Things post Directly Below this one. *

Here's My Take

Jane is suffering from a true lack of identity. You see, what she failed to realize in the 2+ years she was having sex with Lil Mex, is that she was not his main
A main is defined as the girl you take out in public, more then likely is wearing jewelery that he purchased for her, and has met the parents. Main chick is only introduced to the fellas after it is apparent she is the one, and is most certainly never propositioned to run a train. If this is to street for my readers, let me dig into the basis of her lawsuit so you can see where I'm going with this. For my lady readers, at 15 how many of you actually think that if a man tells you he wants you to bare his child, this is a wise choice? Her lawyer actually says
she maybe seeing things in a different light now

Virginia Law Code 18.2-67.10 section 3 states that in order to be sexually battered and claim that you were mentally incapacitated, you had to not know the nature of the consequences of the actions you were partaking. So let me get this straight, this plaintiff, who by the way is alleging she was an honor student, had no idea that at the age of 15, sex with a 18 yr old is not a wise choice? Or, that weed and alcohol, when consumed can impair you, and cause you to things that you wouldn't normally do? If this is the case, then I'm, wandering what exactly do they teach in the Virginia School Systems? Ever since I was 8 I've been told to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and ever since I've been 12 I've been told about the dangers of sexual intercourse at a young age.

As for Grandma jumping in to help out on the lawsuit. Though I doubt you may never read my blog here me out on this one. I'm pretty sure the lawyer you selected added you as a plaintiff, b/c you are more then likely this girls legal guardian. It may not sound nice, but it has to be said, your granddaughter knew exactly what was going on. We know the only reason that you're even involved is b/c the legal age of consent in VA. is 18, and as her guardian you can claim in her behalf she was assaulted. But Grandma, lets face it, 2 yrs is 2 yrs. Your grand baby is out there.

I don't know her, I have never met her, but I know this, she says she was offered weed and alcohol, not forced to consume it. She knew Marcus was in College, yet and there relationship continued. If he were stalking her, and she's as smart as the complaint says why not go to the local authorities or to his Head Coach. Hell, his brother is only one of the highest paid people in professional sports, merely mentioning this when it first happened would have squashed it.

Jane lets be honest here. Marcus left VA, and left you were you are didn't he? You're mad because right now he's in Miami, and you're up there in no where VA and he hasn't called you in quite sometime. Well get over it. Though I don't know if you went through with the train, I know that you at the minimum had consensual sex with him. We have all been teenagers at one point. You more then likely convinced yourself that as long as you're with him, he's gonna take care of you. He got to college and forgot all about you and that hurt. Your grades, probably slipped when he stopped calling, and you lost focus. Take personal responsibility for your actions. Don't mistake a broken heart with something so serious as a sexual battery. RP...

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Don't mistake sexual battery for a broken heart


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