Monday, December 11, 2006

Vinstant Classic Special 10 Things Dedicated to the Texans

10. When Vince Beat you and thats exactly what he did, how'd that make you feel? You werent outdone by there defense, or special teams, one man, a man who is from Houston, and wanted to play for Houston came in and nailed you to the ground.

9. Mario, you might break the sack record someday, hell you may even make Julius Peppers look average, but right now, you look pathetic. Irregardless your so-called injury. You need to get up and make a statement to the city. David's getting lambasted and you get a skip card , I dont think so. If you are dominating the front line like youre supposed to, then right now we are talking about how you stepped it up. But you didnt, and so you know, youre on notice. YOU MUST PLAY GREAT VS. THE TITANS. We dont care how pathetic you are normally, VS THE TITANS YOU MUST BRING IT.

8. GaryKubiak. You made the decision to stick with David Carr despite the fact that no one wanted him. He's not a winner, he gets rattled in the clutch, and he's not the fit your offense needs. You sir are starting your coaching career with one serious black mark.

7. Bob McNair, we know you were asking all the coaching prospects if they could change Carr. We know you had every intent to resign him. My question to you is, why? What is it you see in him that makes you stay loyal? You charge way to much for tickets, and parking for your team to consistently suck so bad. The Bidwells of Arizona think you lack good judgement.

6. Merrill Hodge, hows that feel? You bash Vince like a Drummer at a rock concert. Oh his mechanics this, his wonderlic that, well, Merrill, your opinion means about as much to me as the company you work for. And those who know me, know how I feel about ESPN . Hey Merrill, if youre reading this JUST SHUT UP ! PS. Charlie Casserly , I had better not ever see you in public. You make a top 10 QB list of the future and leave Vince off of it. Youre worthless. You go to CBS and try to mascara your mistakes, but your day is coming. You are the Worst GM ever. Whenever you name is mentioned for a GM job I will make it a point to remind that fan base of your track record. Burn in hell Many-Faces!

5. Texan Fan, we could have done a better job blowing up the airwaves, media outlets, and whatever trying to convince the free world to Bring Vince in. He's our hometown guy, and we let him down. All you Carr backers out there, I dont want to here it. Your boy has been given every thing to win and has produced nothing. He's a coach killer and to quote my brother, whatever team he goes to will NEVER WIN

4. Hey Defense, just think, if he were on your team, you wouldnt have to chase him around.

3. Titan fan, rub this one in. Everytime you get a chance remind Texan fan that his team hasnt beat you in 2 yrs and you have there goldenboy

2. Texan Brass Congratulations, Not only is Kirk Herbstreit, and Al Michaels clowning you, but the entire National Media wants to take Jabs at your front office. I just did a google search for Vince Young and every bodies major writer took a shot at you. I got bored and did a Reggie Bush google search , same thing. Making Houston a laughing stock took a lot of effort. I mean, we are a prideful city, we do not like being made fun of. This off season, you better right this ship.

1. David Freaking Carr. Hows it going? Hows your breakfast, mine's great i just had a cup of coffee, and pancakes. You do know what pancakes are, the things that happen to you every Sunday are often called that. YOU SUCK!

Question for you Ocho, were you like us in awe of the magnificence of Vince? You shoudlve been, you see, what you witnessed yesterday was TRUE QUARTERBACK PLAY. You saw a guy who against all odds laid it out on the line and did what it took to lead his team to victory. You saw how the position is SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED. If its unfamiliar to you how this is done, just keep rewinding this game. You had a great seat to it. You may play well on another team, and I honestly think youre capable of doing so, but you are NOT THE QUATERBACK OF MY TEAM. I can point out numerous errors in your game but you know them, I can say many things about the 5 years that you waisted, but I wont. Heres what I want you to know from me today.

David, your time is up. You HAD TO PLAY BIG, YOU HAD TO BEAT THE TITANS, AND YOU HAD TO LOOK GREAT IN DOING SO. BEING OUTPLAYED BY THE LOCAL LEGEND HAS PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN. Good Luck in Chicago, Miami, Tampa, or whomever else is interested in you. At this point, i'd take a fifth round pick for you. Im done.

Extra Point. Vince you did it , and when I close my eyes I can still see you scoring. I just want you to know that many of us wanted you here. However, we as fans could only do so much. Dont get mad at us if we get Troy Smith, its not a slap in your face, its just were trying our best to make this thing right. Stay up , and know this, you just increased the number of Vince Young jersey's sold in the City of Houston...RP


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