Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fellas, Take her to Denny's Taco Bell Has E.Coli Scare

We've all been there. Its 3am the club's closing you and that special someone agree to continue the good times by taking it back to your place. On the way home , she hints around the fact that shes hungry. You just spent 40 dollars on drinks and entrance fees , plus you need to fill your tank in order to get to work in the morning, so now you're on the lookout for the best bargain, and can still guarantee you she will still be in the mood upon completion of the meal.

Denny's and Waffle House take to long to cook the food, are a little pricey for someone you just met, and by the time they come back with your plates, its been 20 minutes, and she just wants to eat and pass out. Jack in the Box has way to long a line, and its on the other side of town.

Then it hits you , "Ahh yes, the fallback, Taco Bell." There, you can spend 6 bucks, and drive off with 2 grocery bags filled with food that took only 5 minutes to prepare. She can eat it on the way home, and its not to filling so she want get stuffed.

Well fellas, if this is your plan , be advised, that you're better off taking her home b/c the moment she bites into that Chalupa, or Grilled Stuff Burrito and gets the bubble guts from the E.Coli its lights out for you anyway. Its now being reported that Taco Bell aka the ol' stanback has infected upwards to 60 people nationwide with its infected Green Onions.
Fellas here's my advice to you.
When and if you are fortunate enough to leave the club with the lady of choice, prepare to hit at a minimum Denny's. Besides, how much respect do you think she's going to have for you making a run for the border anyway? If it means buying less drinks for you, and having to sit in a restaurant so be it. Look at it this way, while at the restaurant you can talk , and get to know each other. Plus, you get to see her in average light settings. You ever notice how good someone looks in the club, then the lights come on, or you get them in a setting with lights and you're wandering if you just spent 3 hours flirting with 2FACE?
Whatever the case, for the time being , avoid Taco Bell. We all know its pros, but the cons are far to severe. Rp


At 2:26 PM , Blogger Jonathan Lattuf said...

I read your message in Blog Review and I like your blog.

Take a look at mine (if you'd like, of course) at:

And thanks for the advice!

(I very much dislike the service they provide down here in Miami anyway).

At 7:03 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

no prob


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