Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gators Did There Job, Now its up to The Computers (Update Florida's In)

Thanks to a colossal CHOKE Job by USC on Saturday, The Florida Gators can now breathe air back into there hopes to play for the National Championship Game. Florida defeated Arkansas in the SEC Championship Game 38-28 to keep there hopes alive for a game in Glendale.
Now this wouldn't be a blog if I let USC off the hook that easily. Win and you re in. That's it, that's all you have to do. We could debate,/ huff and holler all we want, but the Bottom Line is, provided you take care of your Biz-Nas the only thing were talking about today is can Ohio St. stop Dwayne Jarrett. Guess I can save that for a later time.
Florida's Case

Its actually alot easier then you think to select Florida over Michigan. Rather than bore you with numbers, imgoing to hit you with real talk (as only realpeeplz can).

Florida plays in the SEC. By far and away the toughest Conference in all of College Football.

Case #2
Michigan has already played Ohio St. Nobody cares to see a rematch of a game that was teetering on a blowout. Don't live in denial Michigan fan, you and i both know Ohio St. kept you in that game.

Case #3
Florida has played a much tougher schedule then that of Michigan. Ohio St. and Wisconsin are the only teams Michigan can hang there hat on. Notre Dame is severely overrated, and so is Penn St. Florida on the other hand played Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia, and a very good University of Southern Mississippi.

Of course we aren't the ones doing the final compilation, but if its plain to see for a couch potato , it should be rather obvious for those who get payed to place these teams.
OK Gator Fan, You know who you are, You got the game you wanted The Ohio St. Buckeyes. My question for you is, Are you ready?


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