Friday, December 01, 2006

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. If the Falcons lose this Sunday in Washington, Mikey can flip all the Birds he wants, but rest assure, Falcons Fans will be ready to flip a certain bird out of town.

9. The looser of Texans Raiders can have alot to look forward to as its almost certain the number one pick will come from that game.

8. Did you notice all the Pink Slips given out this year at the QB position. Theres a couple more to go if you ask us (Brett, David, Aaron) you guys know who you are.

7. Fantasy Guys , I dont tave to tell you this, but you do know to start LT, and LJ this week right. Both are playing defenses, that love to give it up.

6. Memo to Rex. The Vikings are what we liike to call a rebound team. You beat the pants off them, and look great doing so, and we'll all forget the last 2 games you played..

5. I would not be surprised if the Titans beat the Colts. I just want to go on record for saying that

4. If the Cardinals lose to the Rams, Denny can pack it up.

3. My STORED IN THE FREEZER LOCK OF THE YEAR. New England willl Crush Detroit

2. Frank Gore will have the best numbers on Sunday of all the Running Backs

1. The winner of Jacksonville / Miami, will knock the looser out of the playoff chase, despite the fact that Miami has one more loss then J-ville.


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