Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who Gets Your Pink Slip?

Realpeeplz has decided to start a new segment called,
"You Get A Pink Slip"
Getting a pink slip is usually means that your services
are no longer needed at a certain place, and put
frankly, youre fired!.

We'll get the ball rolling with our first
3 Candidates:

1. David Carr
Four and a half years and the City of Houston has
nothing to show for it. Your Sir get a Pink Slip

2. East Coast Rap
Your off again on again ways are no longer
tolerated. Your inability to produce anyone
other an Jay-Z over the last 10 years has
not gone unnoticed. You get a Pink Slip
(the jury's still out on 50)

3. Shannon Sharpe
Im tired of having to rewind to understand
what it was you were tryin to say. Whenever
you do a highlight, I just press mute and watch.
Either you slow down and pro-nun-ci-ate or
you get a Pink Slip


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