Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giants not So Big in house of David.

Last night David Garrard went 19-32 for 249 yards
and ran for 31 more yards to lead the Jacksonville Jaguars
to victory past the NY Giants with a 26-10 victory improving
there record to 6-4 and Dropping the Giants record to 6-4.

How this Affects the Jaguars
The win put the Jaguarsin the heart of the wild card race,
and when the civil wars in the afc west are all settled
you might see them atop the wildcard.

How this Affects the Giants
Dont look now, butte Giants are now tied with the
Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. How Bout them Cowboys!
Everybody had an opinion after the redskins game, now
2 wins later they sit atop the NFC East.

How the Giants Lost
The Giants couldve had Popeye and a full
can of the green stuff and it wouldnt have been enough to
stop the line Jaguars D-line from pressuring Eli and holding
Tiki Barber to just 27 yards. The giants odefense was just as
bad. The Jaguars were hitting passes all over the field, and they
made David Garrard look like a young Donovan McNabb.

Whats Next for both Teams.
The Giants Travel to Tennessee to face the Titans
in waht should be a closer game then many might give it credit.

The Jags head to Buffalo to face JP Losmann and the Bills


At 10:04 PM , Anonymous Big'e Pics said...

I picked them boys to win....
heres who i pick for next week



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