Sunday, November 19, 2006

We May have Got This One Wrong

We at realeeplz are first the first to admit when we may
have screwed a prediction or two up, So in being honest, to
our integrity, we'll come clean. We screwed up on Rutgers.
Did any of you see that game? Come'on guys, a loss to the
Natti? Aren't they a Basketball School?

I guess we missed on another game as well, I think Michigan
was playing Ohio St. yesterday, and we may have predicted
a Wolverine win. OK you got me, so I backed a team that's
lost now 3 straight to against its rival, who cares that
I picked against the team with the Hiesmann Lock?
Ohio St. is who they thought we were, and Michigan
gave them the best match up we could have expected, It
just wasn't enough. Now this by no means is me jumping
of the wolverine bandwagon(although, that Arkansas
wagon looks really empty) this is me coming to the
realization that in the now immortal words of Coach
Dennis Green, If you want to Crown Ohio St. then crown
there a$$e$, Michigan had them on the lines, and let them
off the hook. (I'll bet Dennis never thought i'd actually
be using his quote to not make fun of him with it)

What Next?

I imagine, Michigan, provided a Notre Dame loss to USC
(yes im already calling that one)will obtain in at-large
bid to a BCS Bowl Game. For the victor, i'd pack plenty
of water, the Arizona heat has proven to be real unfriendly
to those not familiar with it. Im sure the Ohio St. loyal
could care less about that though, the only thing that may concern
them is who's next?


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