Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When Life as a Cowboy's Fan came Full Circle

Im a Diehard Cowboys fan. For sickness and health, for better and through worse. There my boys, my team. I supported them through, Firing Jimmy, err I mean letting
him resign, signing Vinny, as well as Drew, even when they brought in notorious
Cowboy Killer Tuna to head Coach. But I gotta draw the line somewhere. Emmitt,
I aint got your back on this one. Beating down AC SLATER to become the Dancehall
King gives me the right to pull your man card and never give it back. Now you a
baaaaaaaaad boy, I mean lets face it 3 Superbowl Rings , various MVP awards, and
you just happen to be the all time rusher. However, seeing you dance the mambo or lambada, when for years you never gave me one touchdown celebration capped it for me. Now, you owe me, nay, you owe us Cowboys fans something manly. When you go home, were gonna need you to stop at the store get some Jack Daniels, Buffalo Wings and a shotgun. Figure out away to make all those coincide . Consider it a haiku. Your man card is on the line. RP


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