Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Britney's Not Your Average Dumb Blond

Like many of you, when it broke 2yrs ago that Mega Star Britney Spears was marrying
Trailer Park hip hop legend and Fresno County Wigga Champ
Kevin Federline, I placed numerous bets online for the longevity of this marriage. Sadly, my bet of 6 months was defeated by a mere 18 months.
On election day, Britney filed for divorce from K-Fed ending there 2yr marriage along with any hopes of K-Fed's name to get any media attention ever again. To be fair, K-fed was a backup dancer for stars such as Justin Timberlake, Micheal Jackson , and a host of others, so he still has a career to fall back on. But, any attempts to hit Britney for allimony are going to be squashed thanks to her Iron Clad Prenup

The divorce

Federline will receive £157,894 in spousal support. The pre-nup states this is the sum he will get for every year of his marriage, up to half the number of years he has been married. As the marriage only lasted two years, this is his total settlement. It is not known whether it will take the form of a one-off payment of monthly instalments.

For those of my readers not familiar with the pound sign,(the squiggly figure next to Kevins dollar amount,) thats his money in brittish dollar in American that about $300,505 dollars.
Currently K-Fed is fighting for custody for his kids, which is kinda ironic considering he didnt put up much of a fight for his kids he had with Shar Jackson prior to Britney's marriage. I suspect he wants more money from Britney and he knows he can get it via the child suport road. Lets face it. This is Kevins Lotery ticket.
To not alteast attempt to cash it in will look bad on his side.
Cant knock a guy for trying.


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