Monday, November 13, 2006

NFL Recap 10 Things We Learned from Sunday

10. The Jacsonville Jaguars officially have a Quarterback Controversy.
David Garrard went 15-34 with 4 INT'S against the Texans and lost.

9. Dont waist your time trying to bet the Falcons. They beat good teams
and get embarrased by bad teams. This was proven with theyre most recent loss
to the Browns at home.

8. How bout them Cowboys. Tony Romo is quietly bringing this team back
up to the division race.

7. With Clinton Portis injuring his hand , the bulk of the offense
will now shitft back to QB. Mark Brunnell. I sure hope Campell is ready
at a moments notice

6. The Colts can win sloppy, The Colts can win with finesse, but overall
they can just win, no matter how much we hate them

5. Those average Bears cornerback held Plaxico Burress to 4 recpetions
for 48 yds. And they intercepted ball intended for him. I'd hate to see
them if they stepped it up.

4. Frank Gore is severely underrated

3. Miami's Defense is keeping them in games. Joey can go to bed
knowing that when he wakes up he'll still be the number 1 guy.

2. When the Superbowl champion Steelers want to, they can play
as good as anybody.

1. The Bengals have no defense. LT went nuts with 4 Touchdowns
and 100+ yds rushing, as the Chargers win 49-41 at Cincy.


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