Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Open Letter To OJ

Dear Juice,

Hi, its Black America, its been awhile since we last had a serious
conversation so we decided to drop by. We heard you're in the progress
of doing an interview on Fox that states how you, would have *wink wink nudge nudge* killed Ron and Nicole hypothetically. Well we
thought about it, and we've decided that you're to much of a risk and were
letting you go. This was not an easy decision. You presented a pretty strong
case with Cocaine and Brown Eyes , your guest role in Roots,
and who could ever forget Dt. Norberg from the Naked Gun. This time
my friend, you've crossed the one line we as a race cant forget. That line is
supreme and Utter Niggadom. See when you abandoned us once you got big we thought
to ourself, its cool, its tough out there who could blame the guy. When you married
Nicole our sisters were even more critical, but we convinced them you're a complicated yet simple man. You have needs that a sister may not relate to. We welcomed you back to open arms even after the conviction because we just thought in our heart of hearts your interview on BET was you trying to reach out. But this, your hypothesis, well Juice we want no part of this. Its hard enough to keep Flavor Flav in line with his integrity, our insurance wont let both of you remain on the same account. We have more then enough problems then dealing with your super inflated ego and holier then though mentality. Good Luck on the other side and let us know how that works out.

Black America


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