Friday, November 17, 2006

If This Man Brings His A Game, Michigan Wins

This week you've heard a lot about Michael Hart needing to
establish the rush, or Chad Henne needing to get Manningham
Arrginton and Preston the ball, but i'm here to tell you,
LaMarr Woodley is the real reason why Michigan will win this
Saturday. The Lombardi Finalist has his toughest matchup
to date facing Ohio St's Troy Smith, a finalist himself
for another trophy you may have heard of. If LaMarr can establish
a solid pass rush Troy Smith will be forced to scramble thus
eliminating the down field attack of Ted Ginn Jr. and
Anthony Gonzalez. Michigans defense leads the nation against
stopping the rush , sacks, and third down conversion percentage,
but many argue that the only team that Michigan played was
Notre Dame, so there stats are convoluted. Well, as a non-biased fan
of college football im here to tell you, I've watched 3 Michigan games,
to include the games against Notre Dame, Penn State,and Iowa.
In all 3 Michigan's defense set the tone. If LaMarr Woodley and company
bring the same intensity they brought to the games previously mentioned,
Its going to be near impossible for Troy Smith to get anything going.
My prediction, Michigan wins final score Michigan 28 Ohio St. 24


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