Friday, November 17, 2006

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. The Texans are actually favored this Sunday
I'd pick them to win but straight up avoid any

9. No Ray Lewis equals no way I pick the Ravens
against the Falcons. All reoprts out of Baltimore
so far indicate that Ray wont be on the field. This
has to be an early Christmas present for Vick.

8. Fantasy Fans , I would not start Ladanian Tomlinson
this weekend. The Broncos have allowed only 2 rushing
touchdowns all season and rank 4th against the rush.

7. If Tony Romo leads Dallas past the Colts, can we
officially make Dallas the team to beat in the NFC

6. Miami has won 2 straight and Minnesota has lost
3 straight, I'd go with Miami to continue there
winning streak. Minnesota's offense has forgotten
how to play football.

5. Tom Brady has never lost 3 games in a row.
Green Bay Fan's, I reckon you know that means.

4. Anybody else notice how sweet a deal NBC
got? I liken this to your kid going trick or treating
and you getting to riffle through the bag and
pick the best treats.

3. If Dennis Green's Cardinals lose to Detroit, it
doesnt matter what he thought they were , the chair
he sits in will be electric and the Cardinal fans will
want blood.

2. With Jason Campbell starting for the Redskins does
this mean that Joe Gibbs is putting his team in a position
to win, or is he looking ahead for the future?

1. If the Bengals lose to the Saints, can we officially
get off of there bandwagon


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