Friday, November 17, 2006

How Good Does Your Kid Have to be to Get This?

The Sony PS3 has hit America and already Ebay
has bids as high as $ 2200.00 The retail value for a PS3
is currently $500.00 for the basic 20 gig hard drive and
600.00 for the 60 gig hard drive. This doesn't include the
money you lost missing work and waiting in line for it.
In order for my son to get a PS3 my grandkids would have
to bring in Straight A's. (and my sons only 3 so what does
that tell you. For 600.00 dollars, I could get my wife the
good micros. You know, the ones that you get done in a studio
and not in some girls house, and hold up for 3 months.
With 600.00 Dollars I could actually catch 4 football games
and not worry about playing John Madden on PS3 b/c I was
actually at the game. The people at Sony meant well, but
unless this machine can figure out a way to balance my budget,
entertain all members in my family , and solve world peace,
they may have shot a little to high in there price if you
ask me.


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