Thursday, November 16, 2006

My NBA 2006 Forecast

The NBA season is off and running and so far the main story is the
dislike for the new ball. Personally speaking as a fan, I can live
with that. We are only 2 years removed from the incident in the Palace
and that dominated the NBA for most of the 2004-05 season. I'm going
to put my opinion out there(which is usually wrong)on all the divisional, and conferenceraces as well as postseason awards.

My favorites to win each division are as follows
Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
New Jersey Nets

Boston will give them a good run, but in the end New Jersey's
trio will pull them out of tight spots.

Central Division
Detroit Pistons

I reserve the right to change this pick to the Bulls the moment
they get a consistent scorer

Southeast Division
Miami Heat

Probably the easiest cakewalk in the enitre NBA

Western Conference

Northwest Division
Seattle Super Sonics

Resigning Wilcox to go along with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis gives them
a great inside out combination

Pacific Division
Phoenix Suns

They were great without Amare last year. His presence this year could only
mean one thing.

Southwest Division
Dallas Mavericks

If Avery can ever get these guys to play defense, there going to be a tough out.

Eastern Conference Preview
Detroit vs. New Jersey

Detroit in 6

Wester Conference Preview
Phoenix vs. San Antonio

Phoenix in 7

Finals Preview
Detroit vs. Phoenix

NBA Champs
Phoenix Suns in 6

They were one game away from the NBA Finals without Amare. He's healthy now, and if
he can bring the dominance he brought 2 years ago back , he'll create an inside
pressecne along with Shawn Marion that will be unstoppablele.

Rookie of the Year
Brandon Roy Minnesota Timberwolves

Comeback Player of the Year
Amare Stoudemire

Defensive Player of the Year
Ron Artest

Most Valuable Player
Kobe Bryant

I reserve the right to change atleast 3 predictions listed above.


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