Friday, November 17, 2006

Iron Mike to offer Happy Endings

Ever have the fantasy of sleeping with a R&B Star or famous actor/actress?
Sure you have, we all have that one person whom we say is more then
worth anything we have to get one chance with them. Well, for my
lady readers, if that guy was Mike Tyson here's you chance.
In the falls from grace files, its being reported that former
Heavyweight Champ and notorious bad boy Iron Mike Tyson
will now be a male escort under Hollywood madam Heidi Fless.
Though the price of his services are unclear Hiedi
is calling Mike her Big Stallion so expect Mike's services to come at
top dollar amount. Mike, I don't know if you'll ever
read this, but I just wanna say that you have truly went
left on this one. You are Iron Mike Tyson. You don't
need to do this. The UFC is out there, as well as that
reality show we heard so much about. What do you think is
going to come from this? Do you think that you're so inconspicuous
that we wont notice you out in town. And to the woman who
decides to go out with Iron Mike,You do realize that if
you short Mike on his money he can literally knock you
the f#ck out?. You might as well go into it with the
mindset that you're leaving a tip. Also, have you heard
Mikes voice? When in the heat of the moment, his orgasm
just might be at a higher pitch then that of yours. Mike,
you're better then this..Ladies, if any of you actually
commit to a date with Iron Mike, hit Realpeeplz up. We want
to know every detail.


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