Monday, November 20, 2006

Why there Should NOT be a Rematch

Let get right down to it. The BCS rankings were released
yesterday, and no to the surprise of many Michigan was still
sitting in the Number 2 spot, however in the USA Today, and
Harris Polls, they were ranked third. USC, the team we all
love to hate, moved to the number 2 spot in the Harris and
ESPN/USA Today polls , but did not advance past Michigan
in the computer averages getting a number 3 rank yesterday.

Michigan had its shot, and they blew it. What does this mean?
Does it mean the Big-10 is playing better football then the SEC
PAC-10, BIG-EAST, AND BIG-12? I dont think so. Line'em up there
best 4 against any of the other confrences best 4. I'll bet the
BIG-10 is on the outside looking in on this one .

A USC win against Notre Dame could mean a number 2 ranking
next week all around, but nothings guaranteed. You see, a
USC win could actually hurt, them. Here's why, If you blow
them out, then it shows pollsters that Notre Dame was overrated,
and that now isn't as much as a quality win as you thought it
would be. Michigan, who also beat the Golden Domers loses as
well b/c there win is now devalued, thus opening the doors
for potentially the winner of the SEC championship. (Provided
its not Arkansas, b/c then USC would raise hell) Back to the game,
Michigan v. Ohio St, was good, but it was not great. Many, including
the World Wide Leader, are dubbing this a classic, but realpeeplz thinks

Our Definiton Of Classic
You see, in order for a game to be a classic, you have to be
convinced that the game is not teetering on a blowout. You
have to be sold on the belief that if you leave your seat you
may miss something. But most importantly , in order for a game
to be a classic, it has to leave no doubt in your mind that if
played again on a neutral field the outcome would be different.
Well i'm here to tell you, none of that happened on Saturday.
If not for a bad snap, Ohio St. goes up 2+ touchdowns, and I
seriously doubt Michigan comes back from that.
Let us at realpeeplz give you what we think are "insta-classics"

1. USC-Texas It speaks for itself
2. Notre Dame-USC No Reggie push, ND wins
3. Georgia-West Virginia what a comeback
4. Oklahoma-Oregon (Either the bowl game or rematch)
5. Michigan-Texas I close my eyes and can still see Vince scoring

What Happens Next?
Here's our predictions for the remainder of the College Season,
USC wins out, beating ND, and UCLA . This catapults them to
the number 2 spot and drops Michigan to the 3 spot. ND loses
but gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game b/c everybody loves
ND. Florida, defeats Arkansas in the SEC championship and Texas
beats Nebraska to capture its 2nd consecutive Big 12 championship.
Boise wins out, Georgia Tech wins the ACC, and Louisville
comes out of the Big East as Champions.


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