Monday, November 20, 2006

Housewives Recap

Last night on DH we learned that Susan and new Boyfriend Ian
are finally settling down and are beginning to take big steps
in there relationship. Susan wants to connect more by moving
some of her belongings into Ian's house, this however does
not bold well "the help". Ians butler has serious issues
with this b/c of his loyalty to Ians wife who is currently
in a comma.

Brie, learns that dealing with her mother-in-law is not as
easy as she predicted. She, drinks, smokes, and oh by
the way drops the bombshell that her son was a cheating adulterer
who's wife vanished and broke her heart all in the same rant.
This prompts Brie to kick her hubby out and sadly watch as
he makes his way to the local hotel.

Mike is still in his haze, but after the raid of his house,
the police began to slowly piss him off to no end. He seams
in the clear until at the end while trying to hide his toolbox
he's confronted by a local detective, and once can assume arrested.

Gabby, tries to help a friend by speaking to the local youth about
becoming models. All goes well until she rehashes up memories of
the old days. You know, bulimia, drugs, and Gammorah Parties.
(popular fetish parties that theme around overall sexual erotica)
This upsets the mom's of the girls until Gabby apologizes and
offers up her trade tips to weight loss to the portly group.

Finally, Lynette sixth sense tells her to inform local cops about
her somewhat suspicious neighbor(the one with the mini
NEVERLAND RANCH in his basement) Her kid goes missing ,
and instantly her mommy alarmtells her, check the alleged
perve. Her son was actually at Mikes house, but nevertheless
the door of accusation was open between Lynette and
neighbor, and closing it will take one helluva plot twist.


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