Monday, November 20, 2006

This Man Actually, Wants A Draft.

New York Representative Charles Rangel (D) calling for a draft
cannot be serious. Ifso, I ask that the representative take a good
hard look specifically in his own backyard before he attempts to push
this bill through. Harlem , and Washington Heights last time I checked
was not overflowing with support of the current administration. If im
not mistaken they welcomed Hugo Chavez in with open arms when he was
offering free gas (The same Hugo Chavez who's repeatedly called
for sanctions against the USA)

Mr. Rangel, says
There's no question in my mind that
this president and this administration would never have
invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was
presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members
of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from
their communities would be placed in harm's way

Charlie, gotta question for you, have you even asked anybody
in your district how they feel? The New York Daily News has.
70% of the people in your district are against this.just check.
Charlie, if you want to bash W, get in line, we all have something
to say, and most of us like you cant wait until 2008 when he's out.
But, don't use your chair for causes that you yourself know have
no chance of passing.

You see Charlie, i've done the whole military thing. I actually
got a kick out of it, but I know many who didn't. Charlie, I know
people who only joined to get money for college and get out. The
moment anthrax was mentioned Chuck, those friends ran, and they ran
fast. Don't kid yourself. Don't go into this with the mentality that
oh, if they draft so and so from there little elite status, then what.
I'll tell you what Charlie, those whom you're aiming at get missed,
(they have money, and money buys you lawyers, lawyers get you freedom)
and those whom you tried to protect get hit. Then, those people whom
you say that are there are from lower class (who volunteered by the way)
will only increase.
House Speaker Rep. Pelosi(D) says your only posturing and this is
to show your disgust for the war, well there are more ways to do this ifso.
You can get on Bill Maher's show, you can say it on the radio, and
most importantly, you can urge your people to vote. I know people
from Harlem who are actually quite proud of there 0 voting history.

In the mean time Mr. Rangel I suggest you go back to Washington
Heights, and Harlem and ask around. You never know what you may


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