Monday, November 20, 2006

10 Things We Learned From NFL Sunday

10. The Falcons need to either A find a new Offensive
Coordinator or B find a new coach. Remember when T.O. was
in Greg Knapp's Face, we all called T.O. uncoachable after
that. I'll bet if you ask Mr. Vick about his current Offensive
Coordinator, you'll be surprised what you here.

9. When you're bad, its in your team DNA. The following teams are
BAD and for the next 5 yrs will be bad;
the Lions, Texans, Browns, Raiders, and Cardinals all fit
in this category.

8. Speaking of the Texans, at what point do you bench a guy ?
David Carr has a career 21-53 career record. In that spand A
Superbowl MVP, and 5 Prowbowl quarterbacks have all been either
benched or cut yet he keeps his job. He's not a winner, he lacks
the It factor, and the longer he remains in the lineup, the longer
Houston Fans will suffer

7. Don't look now but the Steelers are 4-6 and have won 2 straight.
This sound familiar?

6. Sing it with me now The Saints are Overrated clap-clap-clap-clap-clap.
Spare me your Reggie Bush Hype. He's Done nothing. 102 combined yards
an overhpyed Michael Westbrook, does not a phonon make.

5. Ladainian, welcome to the MVP Race. I know , you've always
been there, its just Peyton got out to such a huge lead, that it
was hard seeing you back there. By the way, making the number 2 rush
defense in the NFL look like the Texans, classic.

4. While were on the Chargers, anybody else ready to give them
the AFC? Ifso, let me remind you that they are a team known
for second half meltdowns. Plus this team is coached by Marty
If they can win the next 2 without Shawn Merriman , I can see
the band wagon getting pretty heavy when he returns. But
here at realpeeplz, will hold true to the notion that the Colts
are the team to beat.

3. About those Colts. You have got to beat Dallas. Period.
Now everybody doubts you. Everybody thinks the 3-4 is the key
to beating you. You have Peyton Manning, many people wish to have
a coach on the field like that. Adjust to the blitz and dominate,
like we know you can.

2. How Bout them Cowboys. A victory against the Colts, and
potential loss tonight by the Giants ties you for the lead in
the NFC East. Tony Romo looks more and more like a leader, and
the defense is taking control of games.

1. Philly Fans just can't get a break. Donovan McNabb going
down again, this time with a MCL tear all but guarantees them
they are not going back to the playoffs. While rolling out of
the pocket, Donovan McNabb was bumped out of bounds, and complained
of leg pain. It was later discovered that he had indeed tore his MCL
Backup QB Jeff Garcia came in and went 26-48, but lets
face it, he's not Donovan. Ask T.O.


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