Wednesday, November 22, 2006

David Lack's It, so Texans pay the Price.

Attention David Carr fans look away, this will get ugly

As a proud member of the Houston Texans bound by blood Fan Club,
I, along with entire city of Houston am Calling for David Carr's job
this offseason. The Houston Texans have many hole's to fix, but the
biGgest hole they are goig to have to plug , is the one David Carr
is currently filling.

His Charges
David Carr you are Charged with the Following Crimes

1. Not being a leader. You have no locker room pressence.
When something goes wrong on the field ,you dont get an any
bodys face, you just bitch and moan and clap your hands.

2. You lack the "IT" factor. People dont rally around you.
When the texans are losing(which is quite often) they need
a Quarterback who can gut out anything when the chips are
down. Dave when the chips are down, youre more then
likely folded up in a cornere somewhere.

3. No Toughness. Youre from Southern Cali. Thats a very
laid back community. That mentality translates to your
play. This city nay this state Takes there Football very
seriously. You have yet to figure that out.

4. You let the Media fight your battles. Fans have been
calling for your job for the past 2 years and you have
yet to adress the issue. Even win Vince Young was being
screamed for from every corner in Houston, intead of
defending yourself, you stood pat and let the media
defend a choice in not picking you. By the way,
for any Houston Media reading this,(John Mc Cain) He's a big boy,
he needs to stand up for himself, and take reponsibility
for all the screwed up things he's done

5. In 5 yrs you havent improved the team one bit. Theres a
golden rule win it comes to Quarterbacks, First year they
learn the system. Second Year, They begin implemitation of
the system. Third Year, training wheels come off and they start
leading. David you and I both now, its going on yr 5 and you are
now no better then what you were when you first got here.

1. You Have Great Hair.
2. You gave me a reason to bring up Steve Francis.
You see David, youre not the only Houston Sport Star
the city got wrid of after almost 5 yrs of service and a new
head coach
3. You make the silliest faces when being scooped up of off the ground.

What Should Happen Next

You should honestly ask to be traded. Im convinced that
you need a change of scenery. Oakland's looking for a
QB. Tampa, could use your services, and Rivers could use a
solid back up. Just whatever you do, let Houston go, we as fans
have already let you go


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