Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When Gators Attack

Its come to my attention that many of you believe that I
slapped the Gators in the face when I suggested USC take a shot
at the throne when its all said and done. Well lets look at
the Gators Resume vs. Usc Resume:
Non Conference Games USC
Arkansas Nebraska Notre Dame

Non Conference Games Florida
UCF Florida St. Western Carolina


SEC schedule vs. Pac-10 Schedule

ADV. Gators.

Teams they lost to

USC/Oregon State

ADV. Gators

Common Opponent TBD.
Its plain and simple, If the Gators can win out, I can see
why many of you would want to see them play Ohio St. problem
is however, can they walk the walk, or will they crumble under
the pressure.

Heres what I think will happen
If both USC and Florida win out, then USC gets
a slim nod. Florida's not out of it, but they are
going to need some angels in Southbend making a road
trip to Cali to help them out. And By the way, when your
game is close gator fan, I'd go with the Quarterback,
whos been in there when its mattered.


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