Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jay-Z 's new CD doesn't get Homie Stamp of Approval

Jigga has come quite the long way. Many of us can remember
the guy Biggie dubbed the next great thing from classic hot
tracks making him the Alpha and Omega when it came to the
rap game. With that said, go figure the king of rap as we know
it would go out and tarnish his throne with Kingdom Come. Many
of my Jay-Zologist have dubbed this "the worst". Its been given
as high as a 5 and as low as a 3 rating on my Music Appreciation
survey. In plain folk terms, this means, Limewire this CD and save
your money. another bad review
and here. Jay you gotta get your grown and sexy
we get that, but is worth your fans? You had to know this
CD was trash when you put it out right? Well if not, I'd give
it about 2 or 3 challengers to the throne before you right back
to the old J. If not, maybe retirement want such a bad idea after all..


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