Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Break, and the Top 5 Things I'm Thankful For.

Realpeeplz will be taking a 3 day break as we celebrate Thanksgiving
in Houston. Its been great getting feedback and suggestions
from all my family and friends. You all actually run the page, I'm
just the guy who tries to type up a good enough story for yall to like.
We Will Return Saturday with more hot stories so be on the lookout.

But Before realpeeplz is put on break, we decided to list 5 things
were thankful for.

1. Supportive Family.
My Wife and Son have been through alot this year.
Thanks for the support and know that I appreciate it

2. Extended Family and Friends.
If I never thanked the many, who have helped me move,
work on my resume, allowed me time out of work to job
hunt, buffered me from near eruption at work you name it. Thanks.

3. The Military. Thanks for 9 good years.
We had many ups and very fewdowns. You got me out of Houston,
and showed me the world, taught me how to be independent, and
most important, gave me a skill set that landed me a pretty good job.

4. My Former Commanding Officer John C. Post. Thank You along with
your entire Ward Room and Chief Mess for making NIOC Whidbey Island MY WORST NAVY EXPERIENCE EVER,
thus confirming my choice to leave. Your Micromanagment of the command ,
along with YOUR FAILURE to acknowledge the many hard
working people who work for you who do not deploy,
made getting out a for drawn conclusion. Oh yeah, denying me the right
to where my E-6 badge, classic. To bad I was knowingly drawing a check
and your crack staff of administrators didnt pick up on it until
after my paperwork was submitted to get out the navy. But ,
I hold no grudges. Especially non against
my buddy and pal CWO4 Doug Mc Vey.
Where would I be without my right wing whackjob of a div-o.
I especially liked how you did lunch bag inventory to ensure
us "fatties" as you put it were eating healthy. I want you to
know personally, that im eating a Triple Cheeseburger as
I type this . Always remember sir, theres talkers and do'ers..

5th Finally, Thanks goes to the almighty Savior. God, im convinced
you put me on this earth to speak my mind and let the chips fall
where they may. I know I have sometimes said and done things that
are clearly against the bible teachings and I just want you to know
that I constantly pray and ask for your forgiveness in those matters.
Continue to guide me in the direction that you want me to go...


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