Monday, November 27, 2006

10 Things We Learned from NFL Sunday

Vince Proving Why He Should Have Been Number #1

10. Rex Grossman will not lead the Bears to the Superbowl.
Bears Fan, I love your defense, but your Quarterback is
killing your team.

9. Michael Vick has the worst receiver combo in the league.
Three First rounders dropped 4 catchable passes ( two of
which on 3rd down). This does not include Algee Crumpler,
who in his defense saw double and triple teams.

8. Boy is my Pink Slip thing catching on in the NFL.
Looks like Coach Shananhan submitted a candidate over
the weekend.

7. The NFL screwed over 70 million fans with its
choice to go with NFL Network on Thursday night
to cover Broncos/Chiefs. On Thanksgiving, you
have to give us all the games. That should be
a law.

6. To quote my brother, "The Lions need to no longer
be on Thanksgiving." There a bad team, with one
of the worse GM's in football, and them getting
blownout along with turkey, makes it really tough
to stay awake for the Cowboy's Game.

5. Speaking of the Cowboy's, How's Bout them
Cowboy's! Tony Romo, has just joined Payton,
and Ladanian in the MVP race.

4. Memo to Texans Fans, I am not mad Mario
Williams was drafted, I am mad you didnt get
Vince Young. Now I have to listen to my cousin
Richard remind me over and over again about how
Vince is the greatest. And honselty, I can't
blame him.

3. Speaking of Vince Young, I just wanna say
that as a Native Houstonian, I thought you
did it all in Austin, however your play yesterday,
in light of what we have down here, has everyone
talking. check here or here Theres many more out there,
I just thought you should know,
we think about you.

2. Kudos to Jason Campbell. You not only won,
but you beat a playoff team, many picked to go
to the Superbowl

1. The Baltimore Ravens are playing like
the old Baltimore Ravens, that means, they
are right up there with San Diego, and the


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