Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is there a Better On Field Motivator then Ray Ray?

It's 3pm and you just finished 5 hours of practice along
with 2 hours of weightlifting prior to that. You’re ready
to go home, but you look over in the Gym and the lights
are still on. Someone's in there. You peak in and its
Ray. You whisper to yourself, "damn I sure hope that
%^%^$^&#%^*#& didn’t see me. I'm tired"

But, HE DID. You go about your business
and walk to your car hoping he won't bring this encounter up.
The next day, its practice, third down scenarios commence.
You go to make the tackle, and the running back bow's over you
for the first down. The coaches are pissed, but theyre always
mad, you get up and there standing above you is number 52.
With that scowl Ray Lewis has made classic, he delivers it to
you. The next thing you here is, "YOU GAVE UP ON US. YOU NEED

Now Ray's in your head. Youre thinking about those commercials
where Ray is punking the rookies, and in the locker room,
charging you up on a weekly basis. Youre thinking about the
Super bowl Ring he earned, that funky dance he does,
and the many pro-bowl appearances. (not to mention the Respect factor)
Now you feel guilty. The next play Ray goes and plants
that same running back who made you look like a rookie.
Your guilt turns to anger. Your anger is immediately expressed
on the next play when you overpower the tackle, and jump the
Quarterback. The coaches’ cheer and Ray just walks away slowly.
You look at Ray for some reassurance, but he just glances at you
with that look that says, thats exactly what I expect from you.

Ray's officially changed your outlook. Thats what Ray Lewis brings
to a team. Leadership, toughness, and on field coaching that’s
only matched by that of Payton Manning. Ray is a head coaches
dream. You know every play he's gonna give you 100%, and god forbid
someone gives up on a play. They dont worry about the sideline coach,
having Ray Lewis in your face is much, much worse.

Tonight Ray Lewis and the Ravens head to Cincinatti to face
Carson Palmer, Ocho-Cinco and the Bengals. It figures to
be a must win game for Cincinatti and a statement game
for the Ravens. If you know me, when predicting wins
and losses , when it comes to the ravens, I check to
see if 52 is playing. If he is, they instantly become
my favorites for the day. I expect that if Ray puts
the hat on Rudi early , Carson's gonna have to pass
for his team to win. This is not a reccomended course
of action I'd take with Ray's little brother Ed in the

Unfortunatly I do not have NFL Network with my current
cable carrier, so I will be watching Gray's Anatomy instead.
I'll have to catch the world wide leader for highlights.


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