Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Social Commentary from the Cheap Seats

Rev.Jessie Jackson, Rep. Maxine Waters(D)Los Angeles, and
Comedian Paul Mooney are calling for movies, authors,
rappers, and various entertainers to stop using the N-word.
Before you do a double take, yes that Paul Mooney. He of
the N-word folklore. He, who at one point would start his skit
with about 20 n-words within the first 5 minutes of his routine.
Theres no doubt Micheal Rihcards has brought this change in
attitude in Mooney , who said " Richards is my Dr. Phil

My take,
If, you want to see an effective change in the use of this
word, teach black folk about the word in the one spot they
frequent the most and find there morality,Church.
Youll never get the full aspect of the word in school,
considering black historyis only taught in February. Have reverernds
inform the congregation that this is morally wrong. For my other
then black readers, this word is equally bad to us as the
word c^nt is to women, or wetback to Latino/Hispanic Americans.
All of these hate terms should be taught to your kids equally. RPS

Condoms In Jail

While driving in to work this morning I was listening to
Tom Joyner, and the featured topic of the morning was
the National Minority Aids Council lobbying for condoms
in Jail. Theres also in article written by
Theresa Freeman of Metro West Daily News Covering The Same Topic

My Take
AIDS in the black community is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.
To ignore the epidemic, is asinine, even in prison, where Theresa
article says
Black men in the United State are seven times more
likely than whites and three times more likely than Latinos
to be imprisoned.

Lets not pretend that were ignorant to what happens in prisons.
Many man who claim to be straight, after a couple of years ,
become qucikly indoctrinated into life on the Down Low
and have a hard time shaking that mentality once they are freed.
When this happens, those same men whom have undoubtedly
engaged in unprotected homssexual activities are now going
back home to there loved ones and infecting them. Not to mention,
the fact that Rape which is currently reported at 2100 men annually
in prison,(once again thats reported cases)
further increases the chance of spreading the infection.

What Needs to Happen
HIV Awareness shold be a mandatory lecture in prison. Safe
Sex should be another lecture, followed by the distribution
of Condoms. Will this stop the rapist, probably not, but it will
atleast make them aware of the risk.

Leaders Call for end of N-word Article
Paul Mooney Article
Theresa Freemans Article


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