Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

1. How many Music Award shows do we actually have?
2. Why is it, I haven't heard from Tweet, Amerie, Blu Cantrell , or Deborah Cox in over a year?
3. When is the last time you actually listened to your local Radio Station and didn't hear the same 7 songs throughout the course of the day?

1. Why do we care so much that Danny De Vito got drunk?
2. When did it become cool to stop wearing Underwear and why is it, its always the same people ?

1. Why is it in the African American Community, Success is criticized and often unappreciated, but Mediocrity is put on a pedastool and given a BBQ?
2. Why is it, that its 2006 and we still have racism?
3. What would have happened if American Indians had the same mentality as we do today regarding immigration ?

1. Why do athletes who get paid so much money, go out and get arrested for the dumbest things?
2. Has anyone noticed that College Basketball has started, or do you just wait till March to fill out your bracket?
3. When did statistics become a sport IE Fantasy Football, Baseball, and Basketball? And if its so popular , why cant it be used to help the nations Poor Math Scores ?


At 5:48 PM , Blogger BrettBum said...

I'd highly encourage you to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and The Fountain Head by the same author.

Its not just the African American Community that is critical of success but most of society.

the book has a very interesting perspective on this that is unique, even though the book is about 50 years old or better.


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