Monday, December 04, 2006

10 Things We Learned from NFL Sunday

1o. The Saints are clearly the best team in the NFC South.

9. The National Media could care less about Houston Vs. Oakland. I watched all the post game shows and didn't get one highlight.

8. Tony Romo did it again. Is it me or does this guy remind you alot of the young Kurt Warner?

7. Vince Young is the Real Deal. Any doubt should you have should been erased when he led his team to a victory over the Indianapolis Colts. I guess all those people who subscribe to the Wonderilic as a barometer to rates QB's needs to put a star next to Vince's name with the following caption ( This guy's score doesn't count his heart, drive and motivation to win)

6. Speaking of Vince Young, boy is listening to Merrill Hodge starting to piss me off. I mean, you'll never give him (Vince) the credit he's do all b/c he's a "scrambling side armed quarterback" . Merrill, he's a winner, win will you accept that? Stop talking out the side of your neck and give VY his credit. You're starting to sound like Michael Irvin.
5. Speaking of talking heads, Shannon Boomhauer Sharpe is killing me. Im sorry, I tried to be nice, but this needs to be said. Dude, every time I hear you talk, I wonder where Dale, Hank and Bill are. Slow down, stop using analogies that you come up with ie "He wouldn't know a Screen Porch from a Screen Play", and for the love of God, tell your big-headed brother to stop trying to one-up you. Both of you are really starting to make me reconsider the World Wide Leader again.

4. Hey Joe Buck, when you call a Football Game for a National Audience, could you be a little objective in the way you call it. Let me get this straight, TO drops a pass, its, Fire and Brimstone,"Oh the flamboyant distraction is at it again". J-Shock drops one, and its, "Thats one of the knocks on him.Hes a tough competitor, who occasionally puts passes on the ground." And your Postgame comments, you Terry and Howie, spoke as if the 'Boys lost the game. Joe, you're better then that. Dont let your Cowboy hate (specifically that of TO) cloud the way you call a game. Consider this your first strike.
3. The following teams took huge losses in there bid for a wildcard spot. The Broncos, Chiefs, Vikings, Rams, Dolphins and Bills. I still believe the Chiefs can recover, but its going to be a nasty up hill fight for the AFC. You need to be at least 10-6 if you want a shot in the AFC

2. Colts fan, I hold firm in my belief that yesterdays lost was a healthy loss. But, as my brother pointed out to me, Its still a loss. And now, you're tied with the Chargers for best AFC record. Not good. They (the Chargers) are clicking on all cylinders, and oh by the way Shawne's back.

1. Kudos to Reggie Bush. I bash you a lot, partly because you were over hyped. Yesterday I watched you play, and even though im overly convinced you're not the next coming of Barry, Walter or Marshall, you gave Saints fan a glimpse of what you are. I still think youre a Brian Westbrook type, but you played tough, ran hard, and gave me every reason to believe that you along with Deuce and Drew or gonna put New Orleans on the Football Map


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