Sunday, December 03, 2006

10 Things We learned From College Football Special

10. Just because you go undefeated doesn't mean you go to the big dance. Boise St. a BCS cog , went undefeated and there prize the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. You know Dick Vitale made the comment on the UNC/OHIO ST. game, at least in College Basketball, the little guy has a chance.

9. Somewhere Ron Zook has just punched a hole in a very nice wall. Hey Ron, if you're reading this give Tony Dungy a call, its happened to him, and look how he recovered from it.

8. Wake Forest may be the least deserving team to get into the BCS, but they did there job, they beat Gerogia Tech. Now they get Louisville.

7. The LEAST deserving team to be in the BCS is Notre Dame. West Virgina, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Auburn and Arkansas all played much better opponents, and have better teams then that of Notre Dame. But due to a loophole , Notre Dame gets in. Its all good though, You travel to Louisiana to play LSU. Yeah, I don't care how good you travel, LSU will have the home field advantage.

6. How bout' them Sooners. Adrian Peterson out, Rhett Bomar, out, you get screwed in Oregon , and you go on a 8-game win streak to get back in the Big Money Game. Dont take Boise lightly though, they bring it.

5. Way to go Navy. Just thought I'd drop that in.

4. Ahh Yes USC, didn't think I'd leave you out. Your Choke-Job made all of this possible. Anyone who knows me will tell you I by alot of stock in rival games, but this one, I didn't. I along with a host of others thought you'd be in Glendale, now you get Michigan in the Rose Bowl. A Michigan team that might have a chip on there shoulder.

3. Speaking of Michigan, Wolverine fan, look at this way, if you would have played Ohio St. and won, many of us wouldve just assumed you tied them. It would have required a 3rd game for me to be happy. Also, you still get a major BCS Game. You get to go to LA, and lately USC hasn't faired well in the Rose Bowl.

2. Memo to Gator Nation, this isn't Texas/ USC so don't kid yourself. Ohio ST. is going into this game with Hiesmann Trophy favorite Troy Smith, and a defense that brings it. You are banged up, but you have heart. Here's my key to victory for you, shut there running back down. Do whatever you did against Mc Fadden. Also, whomever is checking Gonzalez, you have the toughest job on the field. Ted Ginn should expect a healthy dose of double teams, so Gonzalez guy, you have to play the best football out there, because there goin to go to him relentlessly.

1. With all the BCS drama out there, I just want to personally get on my soapbox and scream for the obvious.

Dear Mr. BCS Decision Maker,

I am a huge College Football fan who doesn't care for drama, just results. This year coupled with the time LSU / USC won the National Championship should be all you need , to start a playoff. Trust me on this one, the coaches want this. The fans want this. The athletes want this. Were tired of saying well If so and so would have played so and so who knows. Let em play. Let Boise get there teeth crushed By Ohio St. in the First round. Let Notre Dame be exposed by Fla in the other pool. This is getting ridiculous. You mean to tell me the way those Big East teams played, only one of them can get a BCS game and youre comfortable with that? Its a Sham, and you know it. But the games must be played. So with that said, I like many will sit at home and just wait and see. But so you know, your time is coming. Its all fun and games until the blogs become more and more voices. Those voices yell and the next thing you know, a change is made.



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