Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saved People Same Story

Can all my people who are "SAVED" by the word, help me out for a minute. You see, I deal with my fair share of you, and most of you couldnt be better, neighbors, family, and friends. There are some of you out there, however, and you know who you are, who think that God put you on this Earth , to remind me how much of a bad person I am.


1st I know its been awhile since I been in Church, but I am a believer, no different then you. So when you point out to me my discretions followed with, you need to be saved, or God dont like________ , all youre really doing is pushing me farther away from you and whatever lesson God wanted you to pass to me.

2nd The Devil is in your life as well. That same path that you say the devil is leading me on when I drink or listen to the music of my choice is the same Devil that allows you to talk about fellow saved people behind there back, and curse and so forth. Just because youve been saved doesnt mean that when Judgment Day comes God's going to forgive you any faster.

3rd While im on music, God doesnt care anymore or less for me then he does you b/c I listen to Young Jeezy . The sad part is, you yourself listen to hip hop, metal, or pop, but you feel that on Sunday, listening to Yolanda Adams, or Kirk Franklin makes it ok.

So were clear, on this blog we are not saying that all SAVED people act this way, its just the few that do behave like this tend to bother us.


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