Monday, December 11, 2006

10 Things we Learned From NFL Sunday

Before I go into the 10 things, TEXANS Fans, I plan on making a special 10 things dedicated to you and the front office.

10 . Boy the Colts suck on Defense. Talk about a liability, 375 yard rushing to Maurice Drew(MJD) and a washed up Fred Taylor. Even Bears fan thinks you have a problem that will stop you from getting to the superbowl

9. Ravens Fanbase, That was a good win over a good team. It made me believe that despite the hype given to the other teams , you guys are flying right under that radar you flew under when you won the Superbowl

8. Cowboy backer, this one hurt. It didnt make it better that the Saints, came into this game tied with you for 2nd best record. And the wart's exposed, oh my, the deep pass game is a killer for this team. Roy you do know how to play safety right? Somewhere my boy Langston, is mocking you.

7. Speaking of the Saints, ok , I'll admit it, you guys are the TEAM TO BEAT IN THE NFC. I know its early, but you guys are playing some the best inspired football in the NFC. For those who back Drew Breez, can you imagine him facing the Chargers in the Superbowl, oh what a storyline.

6. Ladnanian Tomlinson is the MVP. Period. I don't want to hear anything about Drew, (though he is playing great,) Payton, Romo, or whomever. LT is doing all of this with a rookie running back and a sub par receiving cast (this does not include Antonio Gates)

5. Boy that AFC wildcard picture is ugly. And I can say this much, The Broncos changing QB'S midway through the season hurt there chances. You needed that win yesterday, and I honestly think, that Plummer would have made you more competitive.

4. Im going to touch on this once here, (and once again, be on the lookout for the post following this one, ) Vince Young is Super Human. What a colossal mistake the Texans made in passing up on him. I wanna type so much more on this, and i will.

3. Cleveland Brown Fan, please dont be as Dumb as the Texans. If your hometown hero is available, (and im pretty sure Troy Smith will be) you draft him. QB, is a definite problem with your team, fix it now. Charlie Frye, and that guy they got from the local Flag Football team is not the answer. Check Hiesman.

2. Philly Fan, what a must win. You mean to tell me your team plays better when Donovan is not on the field. That just crazy. You guys are killing me. I do know this, I'll give you guys all the kudos you deserve for not giving up, but you have to keep this thing going. You play NY next week. Both of you need the win. Put 'em on the table boys.

1. I don't touch on you guys normally but J-E-T-S , JETS JETS JETS supporter, how this one hurt. The hype was there, every time I turned to ESPN they had your coach on, and what, nothing. Willis Mc Gahee came in and ran it down your throat. You guys are a good story, don't get me wrong, but you're not going to the playoffs.

Extra Point. This is a new segment, and I dedicate the first one to the Patriots. Your decision to scrap the guys who know how to win b/c your system works is finally starting to eat at you. Tom could have used Patton, Branch, and Givens. He could have really benefited from having people who know the system around him. Now you can say this works, and show me your rings, but the bottom line is, people see you guys coming. Welcome to the middle of the pack. RP


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