Sunday, December 10, 2006

Realpeeplz Hiesman Trophy Winner Darren Mc Fadden

We know we don't have a vote, nor can we simply anoint him, but if we could Arkansas running back Darren Mc Fadden would have won the Hiesman Trophy hands down. You dont have to look at his numbers to measure him, but in case you do he stockpiled over 1500 yards rushing with 14 touchdowns and he even even played a little quarterback tossing 3 touchdowns.

The fact that he even finished second(which by the way surprised the hell out of us) should have told you how good this guy is. For my Ohio St. fans reading, don't take this as a slap in the face to your guy, Hiesman Winner Troy Smith, (in fact, we hope the Texans snag him if they have any common since,) but lets be honest, your guy won b/c he was the best guy on the best team, and nothing less. It kinda reminds me of the time Eric Crouch won win he played for Nebraska. Troy did many great things, but if you subtract him from that team, they're still gonna go 8-3. You take Darren of his team, and they're the laughing stock of the SEC.

Darren Mcfadden Fans, rest assured baring a major injury, this trophy should sit firmly on his mantle this time next year, he's already the early front runner for next year in a pole heal by the the World Wide Leader .

For those who held out hope against hope for Brady Quinn, you weren't serious were you? Was he good? Yes. Was he deserving ? Yes. Did he lead his team to victory over teams that were credible? NO!


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