Saturday, December 09, 2006

A. I. to Sixer President, I Want Out!

Last night when i got home from work i was feeling a little excited. I was coming home to a basketball game that would involve the Philadelphia 76'ers vs. those score happy Washington Wizards. Something didn't feel right when I sat on my couch though. You see while I was channel surfing I kept seeing pictures of Allen Iverson on various stations, I thought it wasn't a big deal with the game coming on so id get a full explanation then. Oh did I.

You see, Allen didn't play last night and he's likely not going to be playing any more nights in Philadelphia if he has it his way.
Speaking as someone who's been in Allen's situation, let me express this to you Sixer' fan, Let him go! You do not want a guy in your organization who does not want to be there. I don't care how many years its been ,I don't care about all the coaches that came and went because of him, he and you are better off.
When it was clear that my time was done in the NAVY, all that was required of them from me was starting the paperwork. But they didn't, they toyed with the notion of keeping me, they put outrageous stress on me and my family and this forced me to lash back in work productivity and moral. You see, If I wasn't happy, I wasn't going to pretend that I was just to please someone. I decided I would come to work late, slack off on training , and leave as early as possible. It wasn't until a loophole they discovered regarding my pay until I was ultimately released. Now that's just a snip let of what AI puts on the table . He's the cog that makes your team go, if he dogs it, even a little, you lose. You already know how he feels about practice, so how long do you think it is before he gives up all together? I will say this Philly fan, I am concerned about the fair market value AI brings to the table. Based on some of the rumor out there, its looking like Billy's gonna just get rid of him and irregardless of what he may get back in return.


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