Thursday, December 14, 2006

Guess Who I Found While Channel Surfing? SWV's Coko

So I got home early yesterday b/c i needed some repairs done on my garage. No big deal, I can catch up on some much needed sleep , and finally fold the clothes my wife has been begging me to get to for the longest time. Well b/c of the beautiful San Antonio weather sleep was a luxury I wouldn't get and, there were a lot more clothes then I had bargained for. So, with that said, I found myself parked in front of the TV channel surfing. This was a very long and boring journey that lead no where. (BY THE WAY, DO WE HAVE ENOUGH JUDGES ON DAYTIME TV?) Eventually, while surfing I landed on the EWTN Channel. (The Christian Channel normally on 14 or 22)

Well, the last time I visited this channel, I saw the likes of Deion Sanders, and MC Hammer, but this time a familiar person was there that I couldn't quite put a face on. She was cute and somewhat of a thick sistha' not fat but not skinny (you know fellas, that size where she may be one or 2 more donuts or burgers away from no longer being thick but plump) . I had a problem placing her, until the hook of the song came and that nasaly yet sultry voice singing Grateful took me back almost 13 yrs. I knew then and there who it was, SWV'S Coko.
Growing up, I was a huge SWV fan. Tracks like Youre the One , Weak, and Im So Into You , I could listen to for days on end. There sensual beauty along with that clockwise pistol dance that to this very day I still don't know the name for, made SWV a fierce girl group to be reckoned with.

These days, you can find Coko singing Songs like Look at Me, Mighty God, and I Get Joy , as Coko has left the R&B circle and went Gospel. If you know anything about Coko, you know she has always been rooted in the church, like many R&B singers, its just know she "wants to inspire people to live a better life and know the Jesus she sings about"

Listening to some of the songs, I gotta say, I was really impressed with her CD. A lot of Gospel CD's I listen to lack Balance. Either they're to busy trying to convince me that R&B and Gospel can mesh, or they're heavily packed down with Ballads. Coko's CD has a nice solid balance that makes for great family listening. Personally, as a parent who has a 3yr old who chants He's got Money in the Bank, I plan on buying this CD so that my son can know what a Sweet Woman's Voice sounds like. I give it an 8.5 on the scale. Very solid CD.

Coko's Webpage


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