Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nip/Tuck Didnt Wow Me

So as many of you know, I'm absolutely in love with my television. My wife is convinced that secretly, me and the television are having a late night affair and one day she'll wake up , and we'll both be gone. Well, last night, me and the TV had somewhat of a falling out. Last night , one of my guilty pleasure show really disappointed me. I mean, I was at the point of tears.

Nip/Tuck concluded its 4th season yesterday, and honestly, when it was done, I felt no better then I did when i was watching Every body Love's Raymond repeats earlier in the day.

*Warning Spoiler Below*

Last night, we saw Escobar basically threaten the entire staff in one way or the other to get someone to preform surgery on his wife Gala Gallardo (played by Idalis DeLeon ) Of course with Esco holding no leverage on the guys they simply deny him his request and go about there way. This doesnt slow down our freakishly faced mobster. His new target Christian's Fiancee Michelle (played by Sanaa Lathan)is now bullied into doing the procedure b/c of her link to Jane (who by the way use to work for Escobar). She offers to do the surgery, even though she has no experience at all and is clearly rattled holding a 10 blade. Christian surprises her and shows up in the surgery room to bring her to her senses.

Michelle opens up and reveals the Jane/Escobar fiasco to Christian and now he's unsure that Michelle can be the woman in him and Wiburs life like he thought she could. He and Sean in up doing the surgery, despite there better judgement, and this does not go over well with Liz.

Liz as you remember is the Nurse whom works with Christian and Sean who had a kidney stolen and was shot in the leg by Escobar. The previews lead you to believe that she is the one who kills off Escobar, but after her fiery exchange with him she hands the gun to Gala who then executes her husband and thus puts in end to his devilish and psyshcotic ways.

Sean is prompted to leave Miami to go to LA where he can just be plain ole' Sean and not be a prominent member of McNamara/Troy/Landau. He starts tying up lose ends, and the biggest one on his plate is Matty, the oft troubled son who's found Scientology and Kimber to change his life. Matty revealed to dad that he's fearful Kimber only married him to get back at Christian, probably one of the biggest no-brainers in television history. Sean informs him to hang in there, and then tells Kimber privately , to step up her love for his son.

I actually enjoyed this exchange, b/c Sean was taking up for his son and ensuring he wouldn't go through what him and his ex-wife went through. I mean, do you really want to bring a child into that tangled mess of a love triangle?

The show would conclude with Christian dumping Michelle, and hopping a flight to LA to join Sean. He would join Sean in the surgery room and they would agree to set up shop there. There goes Sean's hope's of trying to find himself.

I wasn't to impressed with the ending because I saw most of it coming. Last year when they teased us with the Carver, that was great television. I mean, I literally had no clue who the Carver was, and I most certainly didn't know that he was linked to the detective. Maybe I'm still buzzing from the Wire Finale . I wont even spoil that for you, its just that good. Overall I'm going to have to give it a 5


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