Monday, December 18, 2006

10 Things We Learned From NFL Sunday

10. Ladanian Tomlinson is the MVP. Drew Breeze is the Comeback player of the Year

9. The most dangerous team on either side that will get into the playoffs is the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeff Garcia is playing like the 49'er prototype of himself, and the defense is stepping up and making plays.

8. If the Jaguars don't make the playoffs, they can look back to the Titans game as the reason why. When a team can only muster 98 total yards and still beat you, you're overrated.

7. The Bears Offense is going to have to pick up the slack . Tank Johnson, Tommie Harris, and Mike Brown are all out and Rex is going to have to continue his solid play.

6. Those Damn unbettable Saints did it again. Way to F* up a sure win.

5. Dolphin fan look at this way, at least you tried. I can think of many teams who gave up after horrible starts.

4. The Giants need there whole team back. They cant win with the current lineup.

3. The best rookie no one even talks about is Marcus McNeil . To qoute my brother, He's only blocked for the following running backs, Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, Rudi Johnson, and LT.

2. 49er fan, your team is still in it. If your team just plays its game they don't need to worry about the Hawks.

1. Without a doubt in my mind, I officially root for the worst team in Football. The Texans are pathetic.

Extra Point
Shannon Sharpe, and Tom Jackson eluded to this, and I just want to touch on it as well. TO's act is getting old. Now if you know me, you know I'll follow TO through anything. I think he's still a top5 talent and despite the off field issues Id take I'm on my team in a heartbeat. With that said, when he spit On De Angelo Hall, he crossed the line., Spitting is the ultimate disrespect you can do to someone. I don't care what DH said to you or how physical it got, you took it to a whole other level. TO you and I know that you broke the code, If DH wants to take a shot at you ala Carmelo, its vindication if you ask me. The 'boys just beat a helluva team and you're the talk. Now we know this is exactly how you want it, and frankly maybe you do deserve a little attention, (I mean ,the guy who leads the league in drops should be shown some love right) but TO you are a much better person and player then your recent behavior...RP


At 11:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO does anything to get attention,when the spotlight is not on him,he makes sure to do something idiotic. TO clearly is a sick man,I will be glad when Dallas gives him is walking papers,they clearly don't need him for anything.

At 12:12 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

while i'll admit he loves the attention, he's still a top 5 talent at wide reciever. I d take him on my team if we were one player away. But if we were starting a team no way in hell

At 12:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seams as though you and TO have the same problem, Top 5 or not give me a player that's not mentally challenged. Gues what if you were one player away and you chose TO he'd do something ignorant and it wouldn't even make a difference

At 1:39 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

once again, i dont condone what he does, I just realize he has exceptional talent. to not have a player with his capability on your team when you know how much he brings to the table is not intelligent.

Plus, your arguement about him doing something stupid though obvious speaks to every team in all of proffesional sports. Every team has one nucklehead, its just rare you get a repeat offender.

You think the Nuggets are going to get rid of Carmelo, or the teams wont line up to get Barry Bonds..I dont think so. Exceptional talent, like it or not will always draw the attention of an owner who knows
his team may be one player away..


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