Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Breaking News Iverson To Nuggets

Its being reported that Allen Iverson has been traded to the Denver Nuggets for Joe Smith Andre Miller and 2 First round Draft Picks. Looking at this as a fan, if Im in Denver, the moment Carmelo gets back, along with AI, I'm buying playoff tickets, cuz this team can win 45 games.

Looking at it with a skeptical glance, are there enough basketballs for Iverson and Carmelo who both average 30 shots a game. If they can somehow figure out how to share, they are going to annoy the hell out of whoever gets them in the first round
Philly fan, I havent forgot about you, the addition of Andre brings you a solid PG, and Joe Smith can still poor in 10 points a game, but with potentially 3 first round picks out there, clearly rebuilding is your goal, and I can think of a certain big man at Ohio ST. id go after....RP

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