Thursday, December 21, 2006

Realpeeplz Utility Man of The Year

Utility man rarely get a lot of love in the media. You know, the guys who are the glue for there team. Not necessarily Scottie Pip types, but more like the Horace Grant do everything needed to win kinda guys. Every successful team has one, and they swear by these guys.


Joel Zumaya Detroit Tigers = Fire balling closer for the Detroit Tigers Clocked Fastballs upwards to 104 mph. Though his team didnt win, he played great .

Antwaan-Randle El Pittsburgh Steelers/Washington Redskins= If he wasn't returning kicks, he was throwing Superbowl touchdowns, not to mention he served as one of the best complimentary receivers in the business. You couldn't Double Hines, b/c he'd kill you as well.

Dwight Howard Dallas Mavericks= Once Dallas got rid of Michael Finley , he immediately stepped into the number 3 scoring shoes, and didn't disappoint. He became a valuable x-factor in the Mavericks run to the NBA Finals dropping 20+ points a game against the Spurs and Suns. Dirk and Jason could get relief time on the bench while he picked up the scoring.

Winner Antwaan-Randle El = Technically he should have been the Superbowl MVP but thats another story. He played Quarterback, returned Kicks and was second in receptions on the team. The Steelers lost a quality receiver letting him go and if you don't believe me, Check Hine's Wards stats from last year to this year.
Tommorow Team Of The Year.


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